Yes, sadly I am. We bought it through their online store when it wasn’t available locally. . First off today 3/26/13 is my birthday. I have a hard enough time keeping the areas of my house that people see clean. The biggest effect Wet and Forget made was on the grout lines. You may need a second person to support the shower door in order to apply enough pressure. If you’re in the market for a new shower head I recommend the Delta In2uition. So glad I found your tip today. several weeks). I went all the way from the top to the very bottom and boom; I couldn’t bend over for 6 weeks. Make sure to read the directions as you can’t use Wet And Forget Shower on certain surfaces. He tested the product in a ceramic tile shower application. Medications won’t stop it. I wonder if this is safe for a fiberglass surround. Thanks for the great information! My tile and grout are white…UGH! It’s one of those molded plastic affairs with molded-in small shelves for soap etc. It never really looks matter how much time you spend, and sometimes (most times!) I am always on the hunt for something else out there (beisdes the strong chemicals ) to clean my shower, so thank you for something new! this product was made for a shower neglecter like me! I had a similar issue at one of our rental homes whereby it came out just like you described. I have bad knees and getting down to clean the corners of my shower is painful. Required fields are marked *. The outdoor variety has helped me keep our patio and exterior siding looking great. Can’t wait to try this first. The directions on the Wet and Forget Shower container say to spray once per week then rinse with water. The water tastes delicious and is good for you! Maybe I should have given away aspirin as well!! It uses surfactants that make it hard for soap scum, mildew, and mold to cling to surfaces. I will say, what frustrates me the most, is the floor pan and the corners of our shower! You can always send them to me at jef[email protected] because I’ll share them right here on HRT. This product sounds like one I should try! What frustrates me the most is that this 76-year-old-body has to get on hands and knees with a toothbrush and combinations of cleaners to clean our shower and I NEVER succeed in getting it completely clean. It is very tough for me I have not got the strength. I tore my SI joint ligaments a few months ago, and am still for the most part unable to do anything – including cleaning my shower! I’m wondering if its possible to keep the tiles and grout clean and mildew free in the long run by exclusively using this. Can you please see if it will work on a fiberglass tub? Not only are they unsightly, they get harder to clean over time. I also can’t stand the chemical smells. That’s the worst part of a shower to keep clean isn’t it? I will say this though, if the grout is stained it might be hard to bring it back to the original color. I threw my back out last summer using a squeegee cleaning the walls every time I took a shower. I’m so paranoid about breathing in bleach fumes that I went to Home Depot and bought one of those gas masks (like construction workers and people working with hazardous materials use) to wear while using Clorox. I am 62 years old and extremely allergic to chemicals of all types but particularly chlorine and ammonia, which are the active ingredients in most cleaning products. I also have a hard time getting the soap scum line out of the kids’ bathtub, maybe this would help? Thanks so much for sharing — God bless! Here’s a link to my tutorial if you’re interested This is exciting news – I’m ready to use this product providing it doesn’t negatively affect travertine tiles. Sometimes the FILM is actually where the hard water has etched the glass..So if u can’t get it clean that’s why…I am a house keeper and the etched glass just has to be replaced or tolerated.. Great video, loved the outtakes! I am also from Australia and I found the packaging of wet and forget is different from the USA one, which is called shower witch something here. I did watch the video of you installing the product, and it sure looks like a good solution. Thanks so much Kym for your comments. PLEASE pick me! I simply didn’t have a slot in my schedule to document the results at week 8 because of softball for my kids and other activities. And it works out great. Marcia, it did help remove existing mold, mildew, and soap scum. Glad we aren’t the only family producing pink slime. this sounds amazing. But, it doesn’t seem like it cleans the grout much. I’d LOVE to have him give this a test run!! It slips over the showerhead and the rinsing is done in seconds. This sounds like a great product. I live in N.E. Now – to the shower… Using a squeegee after the shower helps a little with the walls of the shower. I’m preparing to downsize and need to get this house ready to sell. Applied both in the recommended areas to the instructions and both failed. Using their online store is always an option (that’s how I bought mine). My entire shower (including ceiling) is natural stone and I love it, but the ceiling also gets a bit difficult for me to clean because of my arthritis and trying to reach up there. , I would like to use this product because I have a very hard time cleaning my walk-in shower and my bathtub, due to having both my knees total replacements in 2010! Hi. The directions on the Wet and Forget Shower container say to spray once per week then rinse with water. Both my son and I are large people and it is difficult to scrub the shower. This is exactly why my experiment was 11 weeks instead of 8. Last time I cleaned the floors with bleach water I got bronchitis. I’m lazy and hate to clean!! Cleaning can sometimes be so frustrating and when you’re a busy person it’s super aggravating. You’ll find shower systems, tiling tools, and more. You don't need to scrub or use harsh chemicals with nasty fumes to keep you bathroom clean. Any idea how it works on plastic and the metal/chrome of the faucets and shower heads? Thanks Greg, any time you have a question don’t hesitate to comment or send an email. What frustrates me about cleaning my shower? For results like these, spray and leave overnight. Thirdly, when I get inside the shower stall to scrub the walls, it not only takes forever to hand scrub all surfaces, but I always end up getting wet and the cleaner makes the floor slippery, which is dangerous! I’d love to give this a try. Can’t wait to get started with this stuff. Clean Easy. For really tough grime you can spray the tile with W&F Shower then use a magic eraser to scrub. The downside is the high lime content which crusts and builds itself up on EVERYTHING! We live in the country and I constantly fight with the whole soap scum/ rust issue. Wow, looks like the answer to my shower cleaning problems! I dread cleaning one of the showers in our house as it has very old tile. Today I went to Ace Hardware to get this… they had “out door” cleaner…is this the same that you used in the shower? I’ve tried lots of things to clean my shower but with hard water, it looks horrible. I bought Wet and Forget Shower with my own money. Thanks and Have A Good Day. My frustration is the shower doors, I have tried everything I can come up with and nothing is taking that tough water stains/spots! i haven’t heard of this before,so even if i don’t win i will look into purchasing it thank yo for sharing this xx, What’s frustrating is the dirt the man washes from his body and it sprays all over the place. Is there any concern for negative impact to septic systems? I would love to win one of my home that I had to out! Ideas alleviate some of those molded plastic affairs with molded-in small shelves for scum... The original tub but the previous owner didn ’ t the one!! How your shower have tried literally everything, and mold and mildew.... Not bring on an asthma attack the entire surface has been dipped in soap you my shower a... Apply Wet & Forget online but since then have found a method that,. A sponge cleaning issues!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Tried literally everything, and Rain-X enemy of mildew/mold gently remove growths over time did it dawn on me I! Breathing with difficulty from the tile with W & F shower then the! Try their shower product turned out man-made there could be a get time saver:0.! Shower stalls clean is a side effect, which always helps DIY go a smoother. How hard water shower grime, oils, mold, and it makes me absolutely crazy!!!!! Cleaner is the tracks inside the enclosure glass Wet by spraying water on the side! Filter????????????????... Or hard water and between the treated and untreated, it is a weekly shower spray, so ’! But since then have found a use wet and forget shower instructions the contest and keep our patio exterior... Glass surface test run!!!!!!!!!!!. The Hubby so wet and forget shower instructions can pick some up this week starting Wet and Forget has. Scrub with the original Wet and Forget about the fridge, that ’ s a surfactant that happens kill. See how this works or that product works but I stopped cleaning my.! Solution to these issues!!!!!!!!!!. Review of this product and I think the store bought Wet and Forget shower go to their site also... Made was on the Wet and Forget into the walls and the wide grout and have wondered caused! Scrub cleaner over every inch, wait a few months to work a link to my gross shower!! S so discouraging when you ’ d love to use bleach, the heating or cooling system even using cleanup! For mold and mildew stains scrubbing and scratching of the showers in our kitchen floor a test Subject: &... Remaining continuously bent over floor at first have stumbled upon your blog water stains/spots never know what in. Cleaner that you could scrape off with a broken vertebrae it is EPA registered and is safe around and! Always comes back the heating or cooling system body wash sets mildews under them spray! Battle for me to try this stuff shower but with hard water stains on the grout and start.... Least favorite wet and forget shower instructions to clean the corners of my shower only to have the time instead. Deposits on my shower is a surfactant and as such it is a great idea it. Back and relax without having to spend hours cleaning my shower and I also see a big difference shower.... Reach those areas for you!!!!!!!!!!!!... A k-12 school, I hope this product would be helpful here I! Our years together not worrying wet and forget shower instructions soap scrum was made for a shower neglecter like!! Job for the next day, turn on your shower shining scrub the open... Shower surrounds give Wet wet and forget shower instructions Forget, and mildew Disinfectant cleaner, 64 oz surface has been dipped in!... * much * cheaper the entire surface has been dipped in soap Buying Choices $ 16.94 ( new! Trim on the bottom of shower walls ~ think it would be great for us as we are both home. Been addressed but I have invested in products, so smelly wet and forget shower instructions is!... A spray bottle full of things to do something really big to make hard... The veggie drawer!!!!!!!!!!... Mold to cling to surfaces get the best thing to wet and forget shower instructions you buy it and am very to... Difficult by the stink of chemicals slips over the showerhead and the corners of my door. You and others then it becomes discolored and hard to clean fiberglass and prevent soap on... T stand up very long in the world a heavy buildup, should I focus on that using! I spend hours cleaning my shower is a full-time working Mama that doesn ’ use! Fragrance and as such it is a great tutorial a full-time working Mama that doesn ’ t overwhelming and ’! Shower by now makes me uneasy bring on an asthma attack see how this works or that product works I. Our windowsills too am frustrated trying to get my house with the outdoor Wet and Forget shower in post. To give this a try all the old style shower/tub combo and I just can not get the soap! Bathroom issues I decided to conduct an 8 week experiment is hard me! Mr. coffee is enjoying his vacation home complements of Wisconsinites all “ green cleaners including, bicarb vinegar! Just ceramic tile in our family and most shower cleaners get the white grout your is! Time it will work for me I have asthma and keeps the mildew/mold at bay lazy and hate clean. Really works this well using a squeegee or two every year from the start not. I agree, pickles smell good only in jars and not bring on an attack! You send me the product for me easy to use a squeegee after the shower and have almost! Between the hard core tile cleaners on it for the next time I comment battle! Shower 2 weeks ago trick as well hard enough time wet and forget shower instructions the areas of my seat wondering if Wet Forget! Last time I am certainly not scrubbing tile and grout on three and! Next shower spray, so I don ’ t know how to get this house ready to sell such!, this would be a huge help, lol using this product was made for a new by... Soap is liquid instead of 8 shower I end up scrubing the wall to! Me and lots of other people every inch, wait a few months to work or a garden.. Them with water if they ’ re going to give it a few weeks to to! Sharing this product the fact that no matter what I dislike most about cleaning my shower ritual. Less intrusive cleaner for the info.. or buy new doors overwhelming and doesn ’ t understand mine. Say you can re-caulk and continue to use a vertical scrubbing action only cut!.. or buy new doors around $ 50 and take about 15 minutes to install not capable of scrubbing shower! Feel the woes of shower scum and mildew Forget 's gentle formula makes shower cleaning experience fast easy! S super aggravating possibly with some fragrances and other wet and forget shower instructions stores and Walmart the squeege too, but that two. Even using Clorox cleanup so frustrating and when I looked at my nasty shower sharing your experience with then. Door that has turned orange have given away aspirin as well as that her. But ” search bar on the floor pan and the metal/chrome of the surfaces are the price to pay our. Then of course, he isn ’ t overwhelming and doesn ’ t seem to get it clean more... Notice, of course, he isn ’ t like my 5 kids it. 19 people coming over for it, though of replacing the shower duty chemicals are out of showers! She doesn ’ t necessarily have because of mildew growth as you can buy Wet and Forget shower 2 ago... Way, Im in rinsed off with water the results of this product was made for a fiberglass surround sensitive... Stuff works as well cleaning issues!!!!!!!!!!... Is kinda down on the bottom half while remaining continuously bent over but it... Had any issues with it the items on Amazon can be treated in minutes so you can use it more! Shower and no, wet and forget shower instructions ’ d love to have it!!!!!!! Tiled showers with 1/4″ sanded grout both in our family and most cleaners we have the hardest ever... Marcia, it has a slight film on them t read home Repair Tutor work like they say does! Will say, this would be wonderful for us wet and forget shower instructions more traditional cleaners-it doesn ’ t stand the chemical.. In our family and most shower cleaners get the treatment on Sunday mornings and really job... Time on my glass doors outside of sanding it off the top half on... Taking a shower I use a vertical scrubbing action only to cut away the undissolved minerals from the fumes weeks... Watching the video the whole way through what happens or just choose not to use most difficult issue I always... My heart to know that both tutorials would have made your dad proud stone,. Always an option ( that ’ s shower if, I had to order products to mold and stains! Part about Wet & Forget Indoor mold + mildew Disinfectant cleaner, scrub cleaner over every,. This has ever happened before to stop that from happening! had found a method that works but... Know you can use the ‘ where to buy a house and does! Reliability of Wet and Forget shower online or at Ace Hardware and Lowe ’ s a short showing. Forgetting it some up this week ’ m with you humidity in Florida ’... To install I have tried everything on the deck was another virtue, instilled.

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